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Selasa, 15 September 2009

how to Get Free RapidShare Premium Account Free

One place that has the largest database files is rapidshare. This site allows users to upload or download files on its server. But for those who want to download files from Rapidshare given rules are:

Free users:
* Must wait queue
* Limited to only one ip address which can be downloaded at the same time
* Can not use a download manager application *) as FlashGet
* Download speed is also limited.
* To upload the maximum file size is 200 MB.
* The file will be deleted within 30 days if no one download
* Can not continue the download if the connection is lost.

Premium Account
* Maximum file can upload 2000 MB
* Can be personal Webspace 500 GB
* 80 GB Traffic / month
* Can use a download manager
* Speed is not limited
* Etc.

To get Free Premium RapidShare account is for those who can afford the price of 6.99 Euro / month. But For those who want to know how to get a Rapidshare Premium Account for free ya Give me trick-trick in a FREE, LEGAL and HALAL to get, not free, actually, because we are really buying bener accounts through its website. But the money we use to buy instead of our pockets, but from our efforts, Would?

Here try the following procedures:

Our business is so respondents opinions trail institutions. The bottom line is we will be paid after making a series of surveys (appraisal). so that the survey is meant to assess a website at the link provided by AWSurveys site, after we caught a glimpse of the web in this show by giving your feedback about the website and in writing in the column under the link given earlier. after the web had been 2 we give the opinion continued clicking clik here to submit and so on until the link was given AWSurveys out. Kalo diligent and lucky (again a lot of survey) we can ngantongin month between $ 300 - $ 750 a month. The money we paid to be transferred to our account at PayPal. After that we bought a RapidShare Premium account through our PayPal account. Everything is free from the internet.

Step - step to get an account / accounts at PayPal:

1. PayPal account list in
No need to enter credit card no if asked, because we use a PayPal account to receive money. Select the second alternative (primary an account), as a buyer and recipient. We will accept the work of the respondents and will buy a RS account.

2. Click Next and the list of accounts here $ 6.00 Welcome Survey After Free Registration!

Click on "Create A Free Account" to register and the contents of our data is complete. After registration, do a survey that has been provided. You will get a USD $ 27 after registration and the first survey. Kalo diligent and lucky (again a lot of survey) we can ngantongin month between $ 300 - $ 750 a month

3. After earning enough money, transferkan into your PayPal account.

4. Create an account with Rapid Share Premium paid by your PayPal account.

5. Download deh sepuasnya meleduk ampe and share our ama-we'll add rame forum.

6. PayPal account can also ganti aja shopping where the receiving payments with PayPal, Many koq, eBay, amazon etc..

7. PayPal account can also pull the money (the crowd) was taken in cash (transferred).

Hope can help.

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